Founded in 2011, Squirrel Trap Records is an independent record label and recording studio in Chicago founded by Brian Royer.

We’ve been making records since we were kids. When we were young we would piece┬átogether a functioning┬árecording studio from what ever equipment we could get our hands on. Reel-to-Reel machines, tape decks, mixers and even a piano modified with a speaker to make a glorious reverb cabinet. Many of those old recordings still exist today.

As we got wiser and grayer, we continued to amass equipment and techniques working with both analog and digital formats to create unique sounds.

In 2003, Brian began construction on the current space tucked nicely into a 1920 bungalow on Chicago’s north side. The space is fully constructed for the future with floating wall construction, Gepco digital wiring bundles and custom XLR combo patch bays.

We love the sounds. You will too.