A city man’s rock & roll / bluegrass band

No Regard for ReasonYou can say that ​Blasted Heath​ is a bluegrass band.  Yet, once you get past the look you are left with anything but just bluegrass.  While they’ve agreed to agree that they love bluegrass, musically Blasted Heath is something else.  We can try to define all day what they do but in the end they are just this:  A band.  A band that is in love with music of all types.  Blasted Heath can be folksy, funky, rock-n-roll,  and yes they can be bluegrass – but it’s all music and music you can shake your hips to.


Blasted Heath is:
Gunnar Jebsen – banjo and vocals
Charles Baruffi – guitars and vocals
Paul DeNovi – bass and vocals
Rob Nicholas – guitars and vocals

With help from:
Matt Nischan – drums
Eric Woody – organ