The best replacement for The Replacements.
The Carlisles are Squirrel Trap Records’ version of The Traveling Wilburys: a rotating roster of several guys who are always in other bands, who have known each other forever, who get together from time to time to write pop songs that–like their friendships–just seem to fall into place. In the grand tradition of the guitar-laden power pop of Tom Petty and Matthew Sweet, their songs are layered, yet accessible, dripping with vocal harmonies and laid-back keyboards and guitar lines. Now, after a long hiatus, the classic Carlisles lineup of Dann Morr, Andy Nelson, Brian Royer and Mark Ruggiero are back at it, with the same late-’60s jangle and sensibilities they started with back in the basement studio of a college radio station in 1995; older, wiser, and still singing about road trips and women.