Soul music, re-examined under the lenses of swingin’ pop and sweet harmonies.

There’s no denying it: Radium Wild’s music bounces, with vocals that playfully dance over a subdued rockabilly rhythm section and ‘50s guitar worthy of a soda shop jukebox. But amidst the catchy swing of each song lies confessional words and soulful melodies—the dark musings of a sober Amy Winehouse, the biting wit of Ani Difranco’s early years—that ultimately elevate each song to more than the sum of its parts. The resulting mix is eclectic and uplifting, leaving listeners tapping their feet and singing along.

Radium Wild is a Chicago-based rock and pop band with members out of St. Louis, Missouri, and Ottawa, Illinois. For more than a year, this group of eight (seven guys, one lady) has been performing in living rooms, on front porches and in dive bars across Chicago. The strength of Radium Wild comes from its versatility, with band members dedicated to constant exploration of a wide range of sounds and instruments on and off the stage (or porch).

Radium Wild is highly diverse group with members whose varied musical preferences and backgrounds blend to form an intricate and evolving body of work, one that continues to grow with its popularity.



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